The Mini Pegboard

Ninjas Know the Rules, No feet allowed


Single training

The Mini Pegboard is a great tool that will set your core and upper body on fire as you work to scale the small but very challenging obstacle, that is very easy to setup. All you need is a double pull up bar!

Scale back the exercise

The Mini Pegboard is the only pegboard that can be used to train beginners by attaching a power band to the rig like you would do to help people with pull ups!


Falling sucks

When you get to the top of a normal Pegboard, most people are afraid of falling off and getting hurt. When Peg boards are installed usually at head height and with some of the Regular Pegboards we have made at Custom Design Crafts, the user can end up being as much as 14ft off the ground. With the Mini Pegboard, if you are a beginner or new to the exercise, you don't have to worry about falling from very high. If you need a crash pad we can help recommend a great place for you until we start making our own!


how to

Here is the introduction video, with explanation of the exercise from our favorite Crossfit Trainer Noah!

Great for Competitions 

The Mini Pegboard is a great idea for your next Affiliate Competition or Throwdown! Everyone knows that a lot of Crossfitters like to speed through an exercise as fast as they can, and we can help with that by giving the competitors something that challenges the mind and body!

 It takes a lot of coordination and strength to conquer the pegboard and when using this type of equipment in a competition there is no cheating or fudging the rep, each peg must go in each hole up and then back down ( that would equal one rep!) Adding this to a normal heat or saving it as a surprise for your championship round, this product can easily be setup by simply hooking onto your standard double pull up bar!  (A ladder or stepstool may be required for short people!)


Obstacle Course racing

To all of our OCR fans and fellow Ninjas this is a great product for you to, having a Peg Wall to climb over or having to traverse across a pool (lava) with nothing but sticks and holes, this is great for training your climbing rhythm.

Some ninjas get injured when performing various acts of Ninjaing, and the mini pegboard is a great way to help get you off your feet again without inviting some injuries, because you can scale the exercise back. 


Don't have a double pull up bar on your rig? We can help with that by getting you hooked up with some Equipment from our friends at FringeSport !