Coorporate Event Ninja Rig Rentals


Team Building Package - $699

Custom Design Crafts LLC has put together a Ninja Rig that is perfect for adding an element of team building to your next coorporate/business get together! Price includes delivery, setup, teardown and rental for the duration of up to 6 hours.

For this package we set up the obstacles in 2 lanes with both lanes having the exact same obstacles. The fun comes in when you have your co-workers competing to get to the finish the fastest. You can have this be a timed event (every man for themselves), a relay race (small groups as teams), or simply create 2 teams to race eachother.

Remember, if you touch the ground you are out, (or to make it easier, if you touch the ground you have to start again from last completed obstacle!) Rules of the game are up to you, but our recomendation is….have fun!!

The Ninja Rig: 9ft Width X 22ft Length X 11ft Height consisting of an aluminum trussing frame that can be placed indoors or outdoors.

The Obstacles: 2 lanes of obstacles in the following order: 1 Low Hanging Bridge, 2 Trapeze Bars, 1 Cheese Wall, 1 set of Rings, 1 set of Ninja Bombers, 1 Bell (to signify completion)

Custom obstacle set ups are available but prices may vary. Please contact our office for details!!

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