Why Do I need to Exercise with Wall Balls?

Since wall balls are essentially a combination of two exercises (a squat and a push press), they work a total of 11 different muscles in your body—a tremendous amount for a single exercise.

Muscles worked during the exercise include the quads, glutes, calves, hamstrings, abs, lower back, chest, front deltoids, back deltoid, biceps and triceps. So, pretty much every muscle group you’ll ever want to work. In fact, if you were to do only wall balls as a work out for an extended period of time, nearly every muscle in your body would get stronger, and you’d be in pretty good overall shape.

Improve overall conditioning

If you’re trying to get in shape for a sport to increase your endurance or just stop being out of breath after walking up the stairs, wall balls should be your go-to exercise. Since wall balls are a dynamic movement—meaning you should be moving during the entire exercise—they’re not only a strength exercise, but also require a tremendous amount of work from your heart and lungs. Doing them often will increase your athletic performance faster than you can imagine. Do them often, and you’ll get more and more efficient at being powerful and explosive during those times you need it most—whether it’s in your workouts or other sports. With that definition, wall balls are nearly the perfect functional exercise.

Don’t believe me? Just try and do 100 wall balls in a row and tell me you’re not tired.




How To-

First, grab a medicine ball—the weight you choose will vary depending on your current fitness level. Beginners to the exercise can start with a 6 or 8 pound ball, more advanced exercisers can start with a 14, 16, 18 or 20 pound ball. Stand with your feet shoulder width apart, facing a wall and holding the medicine ball at your chest. Pull your shoulders back and keep your chest up high. Descend into a full squat, going as low as possible while keeping the medicine ball at your chest. Immediately upon reaching your full squat, drive through the heels and stand up explosively. As you do so, throw the ball up into the wall. It should hit the wall at a height of about 10 feet. Catch the ball on the rebound, squat again, and repeat.

In fitness terms, functional exercise includes any exercise performed in multiple planes using multiple joints—and is something that will help you in everyday movements, not just in the gym.

So Why should I purchase A Wall Ball Target?

Even though Throwing a Ball at a wall is a simple exercise, not all walls are able to sustain repeated impacts from a gorilla throwing things at them! In fact most gyms have walls made of  flimsy drywall, and as we all know can break very easily.

So, to solve this issue we can apply a target to our squat racks and Pole Barns. But at Custom Design Crafts “we want to exercise in style!” What we offer is a product that is made the way you want. Some places will offer you just a sticker that you can add to an off the shelf product that is way overpriced. What Custom Design Crafts offers to its Customers is your logo, a motivational message, or just our logo etched forever in metal!

We offer Single, Double, and Triple Targets. 


Product Contents:

1- Target of your choosing (Single, Double, Triple)

1- Mounting post (colors: Black, Red, Yellow, White)

- Hardware for Mounting (included)

- Custom Etching (included) : contact must be made for custom etching, other wise one will be sent with a CDC logo. 

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The Dynamic Exercise of the Wall Ball, performed by @Noah Hertenstein at RZ1 Crossfit. 


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