Grip Strength and weight lifting

Fat bars !

 Fat bars, or Axle bars are a type of barbell that are perhaps the most widely accepted form of grip focused training in the Crossfit community, and i have personally discovered first hand why it is so popular.

Using a bar that is wider than normal forces you the user to squeeze the bar harder in order to maintain control of the weight even if you cannot wrap your hands completely around the bar. This is where your grip strength come into play, especially if you want to put up some big weight. Typically when performing dead lift i prefer a hook grip, but for rat bar dead lifts i am forced to do mixed grip if i want to put up enough weight to rep out, and get a nice burn (225). Th same principal is used in Our grip training products, using different holds to make your grip harder and stronger, so you can last longer!

Custom Design Crafts, has been specializing in all forms of grip Strength training for over 2 years now and has been bringing you all sorts of neat grip training gadgets. The Tenaci, Ten-Ex, and Ninja Hooks to name a few, and in 2017 we will be bringing our customers more products than ever before thought of by or management team!

My home gym, RZ1 was nice enough to get a few Fat bars from my other friends at Fringe Sports, and the nice thing about the bars that they provide as opposed to the Big "R" is: 1) The bars is 44lbs so you don't really need to do any extra math! We all know how sometimes math is hard when doing Crossfit! 2) The bar actually worked with regular spring clips!    

If any of my other friends out here in the Indianapolis area would like to get some to, feel free to shoot me an email, and ill hook you up with a quote from my friends at

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