Three Degrees of Fitness

I would like to hear about how the three major areas of fitness affect and apply to you, Traditional Body Building, Crossfit, and Ninja/ Obstacle Training. In my opinion, I believe aspects of all three are necessary as this is how i have been progressively training myself over the past year and a half.

I was recovering from a low back injury that i incurred while serving in the US Air Force, and was basically sick of receiving increasingly stronger doses of pain meds. I decided that i was going to fix the issue myself by making weaker areas strong again, and trimming down my 230 lb tub. I was basically at fitness level zero, and had only some basic fitness knowledge from my time in the service. 

I started out by joining a gym and cutting out soda. I noticed immediate results i was minus 10 lbs and feeling a little better about myself. Next i did a whole lot of research on proper form and techniques, for building up all of my weaker areas as to not injure my self further. This was probably the most tedious task of the journey, as the internet is filled with misleading information. By this time I was feeling great and was noticeably stronger and had more energy and was down to about 200 lbs. This was about the time i had discovered Ninja Warrior and decided i wanted to do that, but was still not at any kind of fitness level to even think about doing that.

After more research i had discovered my next logical step, Crossfit. 

There is a lot i agree and disagree with in relation to this sport, but i will only discuss what i will take with me, and that is functional strength. In order to be a good ninja you need to be a functionally strong person to be able to swing yourself around like an ape, and have the grip strength to back it up. So this is where i am now, 170 lbs and i try my best to include all fitness disciplines in my training regiment, i train with kettle bells, and free weights, i use the cable machines for range of motion, and whenever i see a pull up bar i'm on it with some Crossfit style techniques. Going to the park with my kids is very fun now, as i treat every one like a parkour course, and since i am armed with a good base of functional strength, i can prevent injury. It is also fun to see the ones that that are setup like actual mini ninja courses.

Feel free to post your story or fitness tips below....


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