The Spartan Race

Recently we have gained a whole gang of new sponsors and would like to discuss how they can help you and the benefits they can provide today we are going to talk about The Spartan Race!

Obstacle Course Races or OCR for short, is the best way to test your limits as you overcome physical and mental challenges. OCR's have been around for many many years but have been made more popular than ever before by TV shows like American Ninja Warrior and the Spartan Race. I remember being a kid and watching American Gladiators, GUTS, and Legends of the Hidden Temple, thinking that i wanted to Conquer the obstacles presented by the physical challenges that the competitors had to face and always wondering where i can do something similar. Later on OCR's were turned into a mild comedy with shows like Most Extreme Elimination Challenge, it was very funny to see average people fall and get their ego crushed, but then something happend, Actual Athletes started running and winning.  Thus a new serious sport was born.....

Crossfit has been around for a few years and claims that functional fitness is their goal to make fit humans, in an ever changing variety of movements and challenges. This is a great concept, but what many Average Affiliate gyms fail to realize is how can you actually test out your new found strength? It has to go past the Barbell, a great tool indeed but just doing the same reps and just shooting for a new PR gets kinda boring, unless you are a powerlifter which most of us are not. So what would be a good test of functional strength? Carrying groceries from the car? Moving furniture? That is how i have found out that my functional strength has increased, but we need to make it more fun. I like to go to the park with my kids and chase them through the jungle gym in a semi parkour style, jumping on and over things testing out  my own functional strength. 

But where is the limit? Parks can only provide moderate resistance at best, because they are meant for children not adults (at least in my neck of the woods). Because of the popularity of OCR style show, people want to get out of the gym, get dirty and feel good about themselves! Companies like Spartan Race Inc. and Frontline OCR offer this with their races! Custom Design Crafts llc. is teaming up with gyms and OCR companies all over the country to bring the best fitness equipment and helping to make you a better stronger human!

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