Amazfit Activity Trackers !!!

Greetings Friends,

We at the Custom Design Crafts Team would like to introduce an interesting and great company called Amazfit

These guys make some pretty sweet Activity trackers, The higher end models work similarly to to things like the I-Watch, where you can monitor your pace, cadence, distance, time, heart rate and more! Also you can listen to music while you exercise without having to bother with your phone. You can wear them throughout the day and receive notifications, customize the face, and even wear it at night to track your sleep!


Some of  lower models are very affordable, can be worn as a necklace and still function as a tracker which is very cool if you're not into wearing anything on your wrist! A single wireless battery charge on these sweet devices, can last up to 10 days!  

Let's get started on this journey together click on the link below, and take 20% off your first order + free shipping with promo code WELCOME.