The show “Everyday Ninjas” is about my personal quest to become an American Ninja Warrior. Along the way we will be learning about different fitness disciplines, how they operate and why. We will also discuss general fitness topics, things important to ninjas, current events, and we will showcase different gyms. As we proceed through this journey I will occasionally show off my ninja inspired, custom fabricated obstacles all of which, will be available for purchase in the products section.

 If you would like to be interviewed on the show, or if you are in the Indianapolis area and would like to show off your gym, Please fill out the contact sheet below and we will set up a time & date with you.

Episode 1

For the first episode, we went to a Ninja gym called Ivy Fitness. I spoke with a Ninja named Jeremy Ivy and we discussed some common ninja topics and we got some common ninja obstacle demos.  

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