Garage Ninja Package

Garage Ninja Package

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Train Like a Ninja at Home with our Basic Ninja Package

Want to train like a ninja but you don't have a ninja gym in your area? 

Custom Design Crafts LLC. is here to help, and here is what you will get:

9ft tall / 4 or 6ft depth Pullup Rack- Racks are great platforms for getting into shape and to start your Ninja Training

Salmon Ladder SMS- Our number one selling product that everyone simply loves, Performing the Salmon Ladder Exercise is an intense dynamic Movement that takes coordination, and core / upper body strength

Climbing Pegboard- The Climbing Pegboard is great for triaing Core and upper body Strength

Ninja Bombz- The Ninja Bombz are amazing for training grip strength and conditioning your hands for completing any cannonball alley ninja obstacle with ease.

Ninja Rings- Whether you are doing hanging exercises or ring dips, Rings are a must have in your Ninja gym.

SandBag Trainer- Sandbags are one of the most diverse exercise platforms, You can Press, Clean, Jerk, Squat, throw it around and run away with it till you drop dead from your whole body being sore. 

The amount of equipment you will recieve is the best deal on the market, you will have an almost endless way to train and you can also ad on to your new rig later, invite a few friends to train with you and now you have a good start to your very own Ninja Gym but in the convenience of your own home !!

Value- With a monthly break down of about $167.00 per month for our starter package, that is less expensive than your average Crossfit gym! And you can play around 24/7 instead of just a few set times per week!


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*Crash Pad Sold Separately* 



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