Multi Use Hanging Obstacles

Multi Use Hanging Obstacles


Our Multi-Use Hanging Obstacles are a staple in any serious Ninja Gym, or OCR Training Facility! You can even spice up that Functional Strength gym, with a New WOD compliments or our Ninja Lab!

Our R&D Dept. has burned the Midnight Oil, to bring you a sturdy obstacle that can be mounted by chains to your pole barn, ceiling, or any other Rig you have! You have the following options but Custom Anything is Always available, (Custom is in our name so why not?) 

*Recent update to version 3.0 , The product has a metal frame and composite core for maximum rigidity, style and function! We have also developed the Plastic safety handles which are sold as the standard handle for this unit.

Don't worry about dropping the handle on your head as, the plastic handle is lightweight, strong, and doesn't hurt as bad as getting "Konked" by our metal handles!

The Circuit Board- This hanging obstacle, includes a modified Ninja Hook Handle, that slides in and along the track to confuse your Muscles like never before! Don't expect the same exercise with the various pathways you can take. 

The SkyWalk- This Hanging Obstacle is just like the Circuit board but without the pathways, This makes the obstacle more difficult to accomplish because you have to keep reaching for the slots but they are in more predictable places. 

Product Contents

  • 1- Multi-Use Hanging Obstacle - you choose your Style
  • 6-Mounting Rings (chain not included)
  •  "T" or H Handle included (select your style)
  • Safety Plastic Handles are now the standard!
Handle Style:
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Don't Forget to grab yourself a Crash Pad !!!


Custom Design Crafts LLC, is not responsible for injuries the purchaser may incur due to misuse, improper installation, or falls that may happen while performing the required exercise. Upon purchasing this product the purchaser agree to not hold Custom Design Crafts LLC, its Employees, affiliates or its owners responsible for damages.