From the ground up we will help you design and furnish your very own Ninja Gym, whether you are looking to build the hottest new spot for recreation in your area, or your are looking to expand your Ninja Franchise. Custom Design Crafts LLC. is here to assist. 


1. Choose your Base Structure

First: Select desired layout for the base structure:

1. Choose the true Ninja Warrior experience with our high quality US Sourced Aluminum Trussing


2. Choose the Econoline 4" Square Tubbing, that can be powder coated any color to suit the needs of your gym's color scheme


3. Go Multidisciplinary, with one of our Functional Fitness Rigs that can double the whole assembly as a functional training paradise or ninja obstacle setup!

2. Choose the Floor Layout

This is a very important step. We will help make sure your gym has a clean looking and professional layout that will flow. This will allow more people through your course safely with minimal or no setup time in between runners. We will assist as much as needed with deciding the correct layout with in-house consultations and expert floor space management. We can give you a Custom Floor plan that is just right for your application. 


3. Fill Your Spaces with Obstacles

Everyone's favorite part:  Choosing the obstacles!

Knowing the type of rig and the layout of the course makes picking obstacles simple.  After looking over our LIST OF OBSTACLES simply pick your favorite ones and we will let you know how many we can fit and where they will be best utilized, making the most of the space available. 

The sky is the limit when it comes to developing obstacles at Custom Design Crafts.  If you have something in mind that you do not see in our product list, let us know and we will be happy to design a new obstacle for you and make sure it is safe!  All of our new products are designed, manufactured and tested for safety and durability at our Ninja Lab in Indianapolis before sold to the customer.  


4. Customization

The Icing on the Cake:  "Custom" is in our name and since we can make anything you can dream up, we can also personalize it to accomplish any style requirements you may have. Want a Jungle theme? We can do that! How about an Ocean or Dojo Style? Again, the sky is the limit.

Personalizing and Themes are what make customers remember what gym they should be going to!

Choose from an endless variety of color combinations, materials, engraving and special requests. We will work with you to bring any concept to life!

Although a standard setup is great in itself, personalizing your equipment allows your gym to stand above the rest so at the very least, lets put your logo on your equipment!


5. Transport / Installation

After your new products have been finished we will ship to your location the fastest and most economic way possible. Once you have everything in place we can send out a team of trained Ninja Equipment Installers (additional fee) for a hassle free setup. 

If you are handy or have your own installation team, that's great! We will work with you or your team during the setup process to ensure a smooth transition, and can even send out our expert Ninjaneer. to check the work and make sure everything is up to specs before you open. 



6. Curriculum

Now that you have New Equipment to train on, you need to be able to have a plan in place in order to teach "Little Ninjas" and people who are new to the sport how to effectively conquer the Obstacles. Check out our Friends at GO NINJA,  and they can be your source on training tips and progression training, along with ways to grow your New Ninja Empire. 


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Reach out to us here, and one of our "Ninja Specialist" will be right with you about your inquiry.

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