The newest evolution of the “EX”  product line, are some “Ninja Inspired” Bolt on obstacles.

How can your gym stay relevant in a market that is constantly striving for the next big trend, without sacrificing absurd amounts of money on new equipment that there is very little space for?

Our solution is very simple, design something that is challenging and won’t take up any extra space because we are going to utilize the equipment that you already have and make it better by adding to it. We did this with our flagship product, the Salmon Ladder SMS. So let’s take it yet another step further…..

The I-Climber-EX, is probably the most ambitious product we have released yet, The idea is simple:  A product that can set your core and upper body on fire, and look really cool! 

 The “I” stands for infinite, meaning that the exercise will never end, unless you want it to!  With the multi bar rotating design you can stay suspended the entire time without have to stop and restart. Typically when climbing you will always reach the end, which means you have to stop before you can reach the failure point, which ultimately is what you need in order to improve stamina. Climbing anything whether it be a rope or Rock Wall test the limits of all your strengths; grip, upper body, core, and coordination. The I-Climber-EX features an adjustable tension belt, in order to allow for a slower or faster rotation depending on your comfort level.

 The I-Climber-EX can be configured to have any number of rotating patterns ( custom shapes will have added additional cost) but the standard shape will be Triangular. The design takes inspiration from the Rumble Dice Ninja Warrior Obstacle, and can be configured as such! How cool would it be to not have to construct such a large obstacle, especially if you have a very limited amount of space.

Climbing ropes are a great workout, but are limited to both the physical height of the rope itself and the height at which the user is willing to fall from!    -B. Troche


How about this, want to mix it up even more, stagger the bars or hang some ball grips or ropes from the bars, to keep it interesting. The I Climber-EX will also be compatible with our Ninja Hooks!             

                                see the video->



*This product is available today for a generous introductory price!*

 Product Highlights:

-Mountable to existing hardware

-Saves floor space

-moderate/ intense level of training

-Extremely Durable Construction

-Custom Colors (contact for options)

-Custom Shapes (contact for pricing)

-100% Made in the USA


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Training Clips

"Strive to blur the distinctions between cardio and strength training." - Coach Glassman

Climb it like an endless ladder, use it like a never ending rumble dice. You can train with the I Climber-EX in any number of fashions. In these clips, I have a team of Ninja Warriors trying out different exercise possibilities. My personal favorite, is kip jumping to the rungs, it is a very intense workout that anyone across all fitness disciplines can appreciate! The I Climber-EX provides both a slow methodical workout, and a test of explosive power and coordination!


The Concept Art

These short clips show the evolution of the concept for the I Climber-EX, from something that resembles the "Rumble Dice" obstacle to the fully realized design. If you would like your own more personalized piece of fitness art, we at Custom Design Crafts can literally make anything you need. Contact us and find out how me can turn your dreams into reality!!