The simple pull up bracket


The pull up is one of the most popular and recognizable, body weight exercises second only to the push up. For those of us who are familiar with this type of exercise the repetitive nature can become less stimulating to the targeted muscle groups over time.


But what if you could change that?


The simple pull up bracket design by custom design crafts has done so, the simple pull up bracket has been designed to help out the need for muscle confusion and aid in train other areas, while being able to be conveniently located in any closet or doorway with the ability to still close the door while the simple pull up bracket remains in place waiting for you to come back to it for another round.


The simple pull up bracket has been developed to allow the user to accept large diameter bars up to 2 ½ inches!! So the user can focus on grip as well as train the normal muscle groups when performing a set of pull ups. This can aid to further your grip endurance so you can last longer during other high stress exercises such as climbing or high intensive weight lifting.


The simple pull up bracket isn’t just for home use, there is a configuration so that the simple pull up bracket can be bolted right to any squat rack, ever wonder why there are holes at the very top? Make use of them with the simple pull up bracket system.


Other doorway pull-up bars don’t allow you to close the door, and you also have to store the device somewhere, and you only get one level of grip!


The simple pull up bracket maybe simple in design but the possibilities are limitless when combined with other exercise tools such as resistance bands, you can practically have half of a gym in your closet with very minimal space used in your closet, at an extremely low price. So what are you waiting for buy today.


Not sure where to buy different diameter rods, any local hardware store has an array of large diameter “Dowel rods” that can be used for this application ( Lowe’s has the best assortment), but if you want something rough and tough that will never break, we can include the very same aluminum tube used for our salmon ladder SMS, for an additional fee* (all aluminum design looks very sleek)