CDC Weight Lifting Belt

CDC Weight Lifting Belt


The CDC Lifting Belt is designed to match the natural contours of the body, to support the downward angle of the lower back and to offer maximum abdominal support. 

Lightweight and less bulky than traditional leather weightlifting belts, the CDC Lifting Belt utilizes a stainless steel buckle,  to give athletes an exact fully customizable fit. Tighten or loosen the belt quickly and easily when moving from heavy lifting movements to lighter work.

Before ordering your CDC Lifting Belt, be sure you follow the sizing chart (below). Choosing the right size is extremely important in ensuring that your belt is doing its job as intended.

Current Colors Available:




Size Chart:

X-Small - 22" to 26" 

Small - 26" to 30"

Medium - 30" to 34"

Large - 34" to 38"

X-Large - 38" to 42"

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