Ninja BombZ

Ninja BombZ


Cannon Ball Alley is an iconic part of any Ninja Warrior Course and if you want this is your Ninja Course, you are going to need some Ninja Bombz! The Ninja Bombz are 3.5" climbing balls which are good for beginner or advanced level courses.

The shape and ability for the Ninja Bombz to rotate make these pull up balls easier on your tendons and shoulders. So whether they are being used for pull ups or swinging across a Ninja Warrior Course, this obstacle is fun!

  • 3.5 inches in diameter

  • Allows full shoulder rotation

  • Orange for high visibility so you don't bump your head!

  • Beginner or Advanced level obstacle

  • Perfect for Ninja Warrior, parkour, gymnastic, Functional Fitness and climbing athletes

  • 12in chain w/ S-hook included

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Custom Design Crafts LLC, is not responsible for injuries the purchaser may incur due to misuse, improper installation, or falls that may happen while performing the required exercise. Upon purchasing this product the purchaser agree to not hold Custom Design Crafts LLC, its Employees, affiliates or its owners responsible for damages.