Ninja Palm Guardz

Ninja Palm Guardz


Custom Design Crafts Presents:

Ninja Palm Guardz

These powerful palm protectors provide an extra barrier on the bar for extra comfort.

Specially designed to have a "natural glide" on the bar to absorb friction and lays flat to prevent bunching and pinching, and also protects your hands from tearing off your calluses. They also wrap around your wrist for added rigidity.

They're washable, breathable, and come in a variety of colors. Made from extremely durable material that absorbs chalk and sweat for extra grip! You'll never want to attempt a Hanging movement without a pair again.

Make your hands happy and get a pair today!

Great for Functional Fitness Athletes, Ninjas, OCR, and Gymnastics!

We also offer custom logos and colors for gyms, to get your beginner Ninjas and Crossfitters the gear they need to succeed !!!!

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Some Colors may be sold out! please check back is the color you want is not available!

One size fits most, but for a custom fit you can cut your own finger holes. 


Interested in having your own personalized Ninja Guardz for your gym or event?

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