Pole Retrieval System

Pole Retrieval System


Salmon Ladder SMS attachment. 

Product contents: 

-25ft of 1/4 in diameter shock absorbing fibrous rope

-2ea. Hanging Easy turn pulleys for 1/4 in diameter rope

-2ea. 6-8 in eye bolts w/ nuts and washers for mounting

2ea.  Spring clips, for attaching pulleys to eye bolts

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The Pole Retrieval System is designed for getting the Salmon Ladder Bar down if stuck, or to keep the bar in the general area of the exercise station in the event of a fall. This add-on to the Salmon Ladder SMS product is not intended to be used as a safety device for catching the user in the event of a fall while using the Salmon Ladder SMS. Custom Design Crafts, Its employees, or affiliates assume no responsibility if an injury occurs while using any of the products Sold by Custom Design Crafts, and upon purchase of this product you agree to these terms.