Becoming A "Ninja-Prenuer" E-book

Becoming A "Ninja-Prenuer" E-book


The first e-book written and published by your friendly neighborhood ninjas at Custom Design Crafts LLC.

What this book talks about is how to be a good Ninja of both life and business! With some ideas on how to start your own ninja themed business and examples on how to get started and the mindset you need to be in to be successful.

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This book is meant to inspire a new generation of ninjas out there and is not meant in any way to offend a single person. Any views expressed in this book are of the author and may not represent the views of Custom Design Crafts LLC. at the time of reading, its partners, employees or affiliates. If you choose to start your own ninja business after reading this book Custom Design Crafts LLC. assumes no responsibility if you fail or get sued. In purchase of this e-book you agree to these terms, and no refunds will be given on e-books sales. any unauthorized resale or distribution of this title or any other titles published by Custom Design Crafts LLC. is strictly prohibited and we will find you!