Bonobo Bounce

Bonobo Bounce


The Bonobo Bounce is a simplified version of the famous Quintuple Steps first seen on American Ninja Warrior Season 1. This version however is easier to include in a local ninja gym where space might be a challenge.

This obstacle is also a great alternative to the Quintuple Steps when looking for a way to make it easier for children to learn how to overcome this obstacle without such a huge safety hazard when falling. Each side is one piece as opposed to many pieces that have edges that pose more danger when falling for children or any beginner ninjas.

Another great thing about this obstacle is it can be incorporated on the lower part of a trussing rig while allowing a hanging obstacle to take over the upper portion of the section such as trapeze bars, rings, unstable bridges etc. This way advanced ninjas could utilize the more advanced obstacle above and beginner ninjas can utilize the lower part of this section with The Banobo Bounce. Even more advanced ninjas can incorporate both parts of the section into their run by alternating between the two obstacles.

The Banobo Bounce is a great obstacle to utilize the most of the space available in any ninja gym while keeping safety in mind for all types of ninjas!!

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