Custom Wall Ball Targets

Custom Wall Ball Targets

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Even though Throwing a Ball at a wall is a simple exercise, not all walls are able to sustain repeated impacts from a gorilla throwing things at them! In fact most gyms have wall made of drywall, and as we all know can break very easily.

So, to solve this issue we can apply a target to our squat racks and Pole Barns. But at Custom Design Crafts “we want to exercise in style!” What we offer is a product that is made the way you want. Some places will offer you just a sticker that you can add to an off the shelf product that is way overpriced. What Custom Design Crafts offers to its Customers is your logo, a motivational message, or just our logo etched forever in metal! 

All Painted targets are powder coated and will hold up to the most brutal assault you can offer, custom colors are available and will be handled on a case by case basis in regards to pricing.  

We offer Single, Double, and Custom Shape Targets. 

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Custom Design Crafts is not responsible for any damage to occur to any object thrown at the Wall Ball Targets, or any paint ware that may occur due to extended use of the Wall Ball Target product. This product should be used in a responsible manner. Custom Design Crafts is not to be held responsible for any injuries that may occur while using the Wall Ball Targets. Upon purchasing this product, you are agreeing to these terms.