Devil Steps

Devil Steps

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The Devil Steps are another Fan favorite Obstacle From ANW.

Our version is simple in design but like everything else at CDC we are more than meets the eye. The way we have designed this Devil Step setup, it is possible to have this a a part of a mobile rig setup as its design accommodates for it to be broken down and put back together with our 100% bolt together design! This is also an all plastic construction so no amount of sweaty hands, outdoor use , or abuse will fade the color. Many home made devil steps or ones by our “competitors” are made of wood, which is a sturdy material , but requires frequent replacement of the “steps” due to over use or poor selection of building materials.

With our Clamp & Go Obstacles that we design, you are able to easily configure your rig to have this up in minutes after fully assembled. and if you would like to change the distance or height of the Devil Steps that can be done rather quickly by simply loosening the bolts as needed and adjusting to the desired height or distance for your jr ninjas or veteran adults.

If you would like to spice up your elements and add side obstacles, that is possible as well and you can upgrade your elements to incorporate a peg wall, small climbing hold area, ring & peg, campus bars and anything else you can dream up.

OD bars and all clamps included in the price, but shipping is different for every gym so you will have to get a custom shipping quote for this one.

Product Contents:

1-section of Devil Steps

2-4ft OD Bars

2-6ft OD bars

4-mounting Clamps

Step color:
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