Ninja Shelf Grab

Ninja Shelf Grab

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The Ninja Shelf Grab is a neat obstacle that can be used in a variety of ways! Our shelf grab features 4 sides for you to grab on, 2 sides have a 2 inch ledge to grab onto, and the other 2 side have a finger strength straining 1 inch grab. 

This Obstacle has many mounting solutions for you to choose from:

Included Truss box: With this option we will include an F34 truss box so the obstacle can be placed anywhere on your rig.

Bolted on couplers for trussing: With this option included on your purchase you can have the shelf grab staggered at various heights  or offset from one another, on your truss rig.

Clamps: This version can be be clamped to any par of your rig and and be setup in various paths and allows you to quickly change up your layout to increase the difficulty or just to switch things up a bit for competitions.

Mounting style:
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