Warped Walls

Warped Walls

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The Warped Wall:

Everyone's favorite obstacle to hate is the warped wall!!

Timing is key to ascending the Ninja Warped wall,  run up, jump and reach to grab onto the top. Then pull yourself up and watch the amazement from all of your friends as you conquer this fun but challenging obstacle!


DIY Warp Walls

  • Side panels are prefabbed for easy construction (choose your color)

  • Rubberized ramp surface included w/ mounting hardware

  • Ships flat for Reduced shipping cost

Available Sizes:

  • 8′

  • 10′

  • 12′

  • 14′

All warped walls are 4′ wide and approximately 12ft long when fully assembled.

Instruction PDF will be included with every purchase and hardware for construction will be also included.

Hand Rails and Fireman’s poles are added accessories that are NOT included unless specified. If you require assistance with installation please let us know!

Please make contact with us via email info@customdesigncrafts.com

Rails/ Fire Pole:
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