Wooden Peg Board

Wooden Peg Board

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Pegboards are training instruments that help the user develop upper-body strength. While similar to chinups or rock climbing, pegboard workouts are different in that they allow users to work with their upper body and back muscles in a more personalized way.

The pegboard is a simple exercise apparatus designed to give a strong physical workout to the muscles in your arms, shoulders, forearms, hands, upper body and core. Holding a pair of 1- to 2-inch-wide pegs in your hands, you climb up, then descend. Unlike rock climbing, there are no preset points of contact on a pegboard, which allows much more freedom of movement and may help to develop back muscles that are not addressed by traditional pull-ups and rock climbing. Additionally, pegboards can be designed using different patterns or grips, allowing users to work out different muscle groups in new ways.

If you are doing this workout in a home gym, take care when installing the pegboard. Install it firmly to a solid wall to avoid the pegboard coming loose and falling under your weight. Our version is hand picked from our local lumberyards. Unlike other pre-made Peg Boards out there ours, are made from a single piece of Natural Wood. The amount of Peg spaces can be altered to accommodate any needs( please contact for custom spacing or shapes). The standard spacing is on 12 inch centers, in a 2-1 offset pattern. The wood is pre-treated and can be used inside or out, will resist warping or cracking, and can be painted any color (not included). 

Product Contents:

1- Peg Board Base (2x12x60) *custom lengths and shapes available*

1- Pair of Wooden Oak Pegs (1 inch dia x 6in long)

(Optional) 1- Pair of Peg Bombs

(Optional) 1- Personalized engraving  

Please send email to info@customdesigncrafts.com for Engraving contents.

Peg Style:
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Custom Design Crafts, is not responsible for injuries the purchaser may incur due to misuse, improper installation, or falls that may happen while performing the required exercise. Upon purchasing this product the purchaser agree to not hold Custom Design Crafts, its Employees, affiliates or its owners responsible for damages.  Additionally after extended use, the wooden pegs may need cleaned up from sweat and chalk residue building up in the pores of the wood. To do so use a piece of medium grit sandpaper and in a spiraling motion clean the entire peg, not just the area inserted into the board. Excessive un-even sanding may result in a broken peg. If you do not wish to clean pegs, than it is suggested that the user either purchase additional pegs, or refrain from using chalk on hands when performing the exercise.