Rope Ladder Monkey Bars

Rope Ladder Monkey Bars


Rope Ladder Monkey bars are a must have for any Ninja Course!

Not only do you have the capabilities to easily set up anywhere, like a gymnastics facility, indoor/ outdoor playground, or Functional Fitness Gym. You have the option to take it down for an easy transition between classes or styles of play. 

Our Rope Ladder Monkey bars are a must have for any place looking for an easy but effective Ninja Solution! These are really fun for kids and sturdy enough for adults!

Product Contents:

1 -Set of rope ladder monkey bar rungs (10ft)

*Mounting Hardware NOT INCLUDED

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Custom Design Crafts, is not responsible for injuries the purchaser may incur due to misuse, improper installation, or falls that may happen while performing the required exercise. Upon purchasing this product the purchaser agree to not hold Custom Design Crafts, its Employees, affiliates or its owners responsible for damages.