Salmon Ladder SMS - Mini

Salmon Ladder SMS - Mini

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Comparable to the American Ninja Warrior Salmon Ladder, The Salmon Ladder SMS is like nothing you have ever seen!  This Patent Pending Device, can be configured to fit any trussing rig, squat rack/ pullup rig, Pole Barn, or bolted onto a 4x4 in your backyard or garage. The Salmon ladder SMS takes out all the guess work of making the awe inspiring Salmon Ladder. With easy setup and teardown you can save time and get right to training! All materials are fabricated from super strong and super durable Starboard Plastic! This material will never break and the color will not fade, even if used in an outdoor application. 

The Mini SMS is a compact "Two Rung Solution" with a 12in rung space. This product will easily fit into your backpack and can be setup in just a few few minutes! The two rung Solution is something that many lone Ninjas or Functional Fitness Athletes will enjoy, especially for pole barns and rigs that are only 9ft tall. 

The Salmon Ladder SMS is sold as a complete set:  One Pair of rungs, the pole, and hardware are included in your Salmon Ladder Kit.  Black is the Standard Color ,or you can choose a custom color (see picture for details) to match the color scheme of your gym.

The New Colored Plastic Design offers a more friendly look to this tremendous piece of ninja equipment. 


Send email to or contact our office at 4405524237, if you have questions about hole spacing, size requirements, or color availability and lead times!

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