Salmon Ladder SMS - Trussing

Salmon Ladder SMS - Trussing

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Recently, We have redesigned our most popular Product "The Salmon Ladder SMS" to be fitted for (F34) Aluminum Trussing

What we are offering is a quick Ninja Solution, to add one of the most recognizable Ninja Obstacles in the sport! What is included in the two packages we are offering online are as followed:

Package 1- This Package is just like out standard Salmon Ladder Kit, what you will receive is  a set (1 pair) of Salmon Ladder Rungs,  (1)  a standard Metal Salmon Ladder Pole, and the mounting clamps (8pcs) suited for 2 inch OD tubes.  With this option , you have the ability to stack the Salmon Ladders up on top of each other for taller Salmon Ladders,  to accommodate extra tall rigs. When doing this, please ensure proper safety measures are in place !! 

Package 2- This package consists of everything mentioned in Package 1, but we are adding in Two (2) Pieces of 5ft (F34) Trussing. We will send these kits out pre-assembled for extremely easy setup. All you or your designated handy person has to do is simply clamp where you you need a Salmon Ladder. These are great for having a double Salmon Ladder and can be easily moved to increase the distance between you double Salmon Ladder, for an added level of difficulty for you expert Ninjas! 

Additional Trussing:
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