Sand Bag Trainer

Sand Bag Trainer

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Custom Design Crafts LLC. Presents our Fitness SandBag Trainer:

Sandbag Trainers are a staple in any outdoor/ home fitness lineup.

The reason that Sandbag Systems are so popular is because the weight constantly shifts to help strengthen those stabilizer muscles to improve overall conditioning because of muscle confusion.  Sandbag Trainers are not just for outdoor applications, as they are versatile piece of equipment that is budget friendly for growing gyms, and easy to transport for throwdowns or Obstacle races.  

Our Bags feature a 7 handle design with heavy duty zippers and multiple double velcro filler bags, These bags are tough and can take a beating! our bags can withstand continuous drops with 100lbs of filler sand!

  • 7 exterior High-Strength Handles

  • Double-stitched, reinforced seams

  • Heavy-duty zipper and reinforced flap closure

Filler sand can be found at your local hardware store for less than $7 per 60lbs. You can also use rubber mulch for a more full feeling bag for about $10 a bag. 


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Avoid Throwing or dragging bags on concrete or cement floor,



Custom Design Crafts, is not responsible for injuries the purchaser may incur due to misuse, improper installation, or falls that may happen while performing the required exercise. Upon purchasing this product the purchaser agree to not hold Custom Design Crafts, its Employees, affiliates or its owners responsible for damages.