Ninja Hook Nunchuck Holds

Ninja Hook Nunchuck Holds

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Ninja Hook Nunchucks

In keeping up with the theme of attachment style products from the Lab of Custom Design Crafts, we would like to introduce the Ninja Hooks.

The Ninja Hooks as they are called by many, is a great variation on body weight pull up training, as the neutral vertical grip simulates and trains your grip and forearms, much in the same way climbing a rope does. Without the risk of falling from 25ft in the air when your grip gives out.

The Ninja Hooks are not just for training hanging grip strength or mobility. This product can even hook onto a standard barbell for an intense deadlift (the current record is 515lbs)! You can also hook on a number of different size kettlebells to perform a hammer hold, or take a trip to your local park and try them on the monkey bars (insane workout)!

The Nunchuck holds can be equipped with the Ninja Hook or Chains, the hooks can fit over any bar (up to 1-3/8in dia.) and be used for quick setup/ take down when on the go, they take up no more space in your bag than a pair of nunchucks! 

With using chains, you can swing around on (ninja obstacle training), or for other kinds of mobility training.  This product can be painted with a gripping aid polymer, in case your hands get slippery while exercising, or they can be machined with a knurl on them to resemble the style of grip on a barbell.(additional cost). 

Product Contents:

1-Pair of Nunchuck Grips (painted optional)

1-Set of 1-3/8 in dia. Hooks (optional)

2-1 Ft sections of chains (optional)

*Knurled handles for easy grip (additional cost)

Attachment style:
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Take the Ninja Hook challenge today! be the first to send us a video of you doing a 500lb Ninja hook deadlift, and we will let you have them for free just for being awesome!

Custom Design Crafts is not responsible for any injuries that may occur due to the abuse, or improper use of this product. Upon purchase of this product you agree to these terms. After extended use the paint of this product may fade slightly.