The Salmon Ladder Simple Mounting System (SMS)


The  Salmon Ladder SMS , can be mounted to your rack in less than 2 minutes!

The Salmon Ladder SMS, can be mounted to your rack in less than 2 minutes!

Have you ever thought about constructing a salmon ladder before?  Have you ever thought that you could do more than simple pull-ups at the gym? Or are you someone who owns a gym and would love to have a salmon ladder as another addition to your facility?  Have you ever been amazed by the athleticism of the people who compete in the ninja warrior games? Have you ever wanted to construct your own ninja warrior course in your backyard or garage? 

The Salmon Ladder SMS is a salmon ladder with a very convenient design, which takes up zero extra space in your gym, and is very easy to put together for those of you who want that salmon ladder in your backyard. 

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The Salmon Ladder SMS is great for gyms……

You are the owner or supervisor of a gym, the weight room is great but your facility would benefit from having a few extra accessories or some new equipment.  Plus,  a new cross-fit gym has opened across town and members are flocking there. You know that new equipment is very expensive and you want to be able to keep up with the times, but what do you do?  

Do you have a squat rack? Then you have room for a Salmon Ladder with the Salmon Ladder SMS.   


This equipment has been designed to be able to mount onto and fit any rack made by any company, and still allow that rack to maintain its original functionality. 

For the savoy business owner, the Salmon Ladder SMS allows you to do more with less, and now you can give your members a workout they have been curious about without going somewhere else!


About the Product:

The Salmon Ladder SMS is like nothing you have ever seen; It can be configured to fit any rack, or screwed onto a 4x4 in your backyard or garage. The Salmon ladder SMS takes out all the guess work of making the awe inspiring Salmon Ladder. With easy setup and teardown you can save time and get right to training! All materials are fabricated from super strong and super light-weight aircraft-grade aluminum alloy, or Extremely Durable High Density PolyEthylene (colors) ! There are two rung configurations beginner and advanced. The difference is how far apart the rungs are; Beginner has rungs closer together at 8 inch intervals with more rungs per set (more reps), and Advanced has the rungs set at 12 inches apart for increased distance/ difficulty.


There is also the mini Salmon Ladder two rung solution for easy setup absolutely anywhere!


The Salmon Ladder SMS is sold as a set including both sides, and the pole. You have the choice of metallic finish or black, and the pole is 60in (5ft) long and can be either metal or Carbon Fiber.  The hardware for rack mounting is sold as an option with an additional charge.

Salmon Ladder SMS  as the first obstacle on the Ninja Warrior Course, during the Arnold Sports Festival 2017!

Salmon Ladder SMS as the first obstacle on the Ninja Warrior Course, during the Arnold Sports Festival 2017!


Interested in trying to build a salmon ladder for your home?

Sure a simple pull-up bar is easy enough to make, but you want to get to the next level, you want to tell all your friends, "I train with the Salmon Ladder!".  

So first you look up some basic designs online and you see it doesn’t look that difficult, but then you start seeing different designs and are not sure which one is the safest. After you finally decide on the kind you want to make and you get all of your materials together, you finally get it constructed but you ended up using mostly wood to put it together.  After wondering where being a carpenter fits in with trying to work out and get fit, a good rain comes and you realize the wooden pegs split and all your hard work becomes for not.  Also if something is misaligned and you become injured you are now wondering why you didn't just go to the crossfit gym or try to buy an actual salmon ladder in the first place...because they are expensive options, that's why.

So what do you do now?  

The design of the Salmon Ladder SMS takes absolutely all the guess work out of building your own salmon ladder for your dream course in the backyard or garage.  Its very simple set up will save you time so you can get right to training!  Also, the Salmon Ladder SMS can be easily exchanged once your rig is setup to provide multiple levels of difficulty to take your training to the next level!  



Check out our videos to find out more about how the Salmon Ladder SMS works!!



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