The Ten-EX


How would you gage your grip strength?


Not long after the Release of our very first product the Tenaci, We had some requests from some of our Hard core fitness enthusiasts asking about a more difficult version that you can hang from. This is that vision come to life.


The Ten-EX is a more robust version of the Tenaci Style of products but with more versatility in mind, Ninjas and Crossfiters alike can see great benefits from using a product like this and here is why.


The Ten-EX offers the ability to do extra wide hand grip pull ups in all the fore arm rotations (supinated, pronated and, neutral). This allows a greater range of motion and allows the user to get the most out of a simple pull up bar. Completing pull ups with an extra wide hand grip, increases endurance and allows the user of the Ten-Ex to do more standard pull ups than would normally be achieved due to the increased hand grip endurance.


But why stop there? The Ten-Ex being as versatile as it is can be fitted with a ring bolt, to allow the user to practice strong man exercises, wide grip deltoid raises, wide grip rows, and many more.


Most people struggle with not having the adequate amount of grip strength and don’t fully get the most out of their exercises because they cannot hold on long enough to get to that failure point with the targeted muscle group. The traditional remedy for this is to use straps and hooks, this gives you a false sense of accomplishment because you normally couldn’t hold on in the first place. Exercises that are usually effected are pull ups, muscle ups, dead lifts, snatches, farmer’s carry, cleans , and pretty much any movement in an obstacle course that involves you hanging from your hands. Wouldn’t you like to change that?


 Not everyone knows how important grip is to most sports and lifestyles, and lots of people skip the grip during their training regiments. Be different, be unique and use the Ten-Ex and everyone will be wondering what that is and where you go it.


We offer a full set bundles for all the Ten EX devices. 

 Product Highlights:

-Hooks on to any standard pull-up bar

-Easily configured for all three types of grip

-Zero extra floor space needed (fits in gym bag)

-intense/ extreme level of training

-Extremely Durable Construction

-Custom Colors (additional charge)

-100% Made in the USA