Ninja Hooks

The Vertical Hangers aka “Ninja Hooks” , is the newest product developed by the minds in the CDC Lab. The Hangers can attach to any standard pull-up bar up to 1 3/8 inch diameter bar(with hooks), and can be equipped with either hooks, chain or ropes.


One of the benefits to using these grips is that you can quickly change from supinated, pronated, and neutral grips while at the same time increasing your grip strength. This tool can be used for a wide variety of additional alternative grips for things like kettle bells, various exercises on a cable machine, or even a substitute for a trap-bar.


Introduction video, from our YouTube channel.


Proper grip strength is an issue among many fitness practitioners who take part in programs such as Functional Fitness Training, as well as those training to be Ninja hopefuls. Using the Vertical hangers will allow you to train your increase the strength and endurance of your hands, and make for an excellent addition to any WOD. 


The versatility of this product is very wide and can be used as an obstacle for the ever growing community of OCR competitors.

The Hangers were developed to be an attachment for the “I climber-EX”, but was released early due to the huge interest on social media! The grips are made out of the same thickness and alloy as the Salmon Ladder SMS pole, so they are built to last! The grip can be sent out as bare metal, which will truly put your grip strength to the test, but the recommended variation is to be coated with our special grip coating. The coating is similar to what would be applied to a truck bed and wont ever peel off and will resist chipping (as long as your not trowing them repeatedly on the ground outside!).  The hooks can each support over 300 lbs each, and the chains can support over 1200 lbs of force.

Our products are built to help you train tough, and athletes need tough products to compete in the fitness world today. 


The Guys at "Crossfit Unbreakable" in Plainfield, IN have done it again! They have the first recorded 500+ ninja Hook Deadlift! This feat is by no means easy at all as they now set the bar to 515lbs (4/15/17).

Product Contents:

1-Pair of Vertical Hanger Grips (painted optional)

1-Pair of 1-3/8in dia. Hooks (optional)

2-1ft sections of 5/16 dia. Chain (optional)

Functional Description of the Ninja Hook Dead lift, by Trainer Noah Hertenstein of RZ1 CrossFit. Ninja Hooks are available for purchase at

The Ninja Hook DeadLift is an interestingly fun exercise that helps you train your grip strength as well as getting you that awesome feeling of power after getting that good lift in for your deadlifts! the current record is 515lbs.

We would like to see how much you can deadlift with the ninja hooks, tag us on your ninja hook deadlift, we would like to post an open challenge to anyone who can lift over 600lbs with the ninja hooks. 

If you need barbells or pull up bars to go with your new ninja hooks, go see our friends at Fringe Sports.

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