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Custom Design Crafts was founded in 2010 by Brian Troche, while trying to develop his skills as a CNC machinist / Design Engineer. He constantly pushed the limits of his skills in design and creativity to construct increasingly more intricate themes for his one of a kind chess sets, dominoes, and checkers. Each set is a work of art on its own, everything was made from scratch including the boxes and the custom crafted boards. These items were sold to local businesses and collectors alike, all were impressed with the attention to detail and expert craftsmanship. 

As time went on, and Mr. Troche continued developing his skills as a design engineer and inventor, he began to take his business into a different direction.  He realized that he had a passion for designing things that made people happy, and ultimatly found ways to use his talents to help people.  One project that took off was his design to help people who suffered from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.


 He realized that there really was not a good tool out there to help prevent people from getting CTS, although there are many professions that people have that eventually lead to them developing pain in their hands and wrists.  The only relief it seemed that people got from this was to go through the very inconvenient and expensive avenue of having surgery to try and relieve some of the pain.  

As an inventor and health enthusiast himself, he decided to take on trying to help people who suffered from this problem.  He developed a tool that can be used with any cable machine or even at home for people who do not frequent a gym.  He called it the "Tenaci" a latin word meaning grip strength.  


Mr. Troche had an idea after tons of research and learning everything he could about CTS, that finding a good way to develop the muscles in the hand and wrist that were difficult to focus on without hurting the wrist more, he could battle CTS and help a lot of people who suffer from it.  He tried many different ways and finally he developed The Tenaci, a revolutionary product that would change peoples lives. 

The Tenaci has been tested by many people who suffer from CTS and the first question many have asked was "How can working out muscles in the area that hurts not hurt it more?"  The answer is simple:  Its not the muscles that are hurting you it is the pressure on the tendons and ligaments in that area that is causing pain, this pain can be alleviated by strengthening the muscles around them, and taking that pressure away from those areas.  

This tool is not a magic wand, it will not completely take all the pain away the first time you use it.  Like any muscle it takes time and dedication to build up the muscles in the hand and wrist.  So Mr. Troche decided to give a bunch of the Tenacis away to people who suffered from this and let them try it for a time.  So far the results have all been positive. Most people say that the Tenaci has helped them, the ones who work with their grip strength on a regular basis to keep CTS away.  Others that have used it are people who need a stronger grip for various activities they are involved in like rock climbing or weight lifting.  

Now Mr. Troche has decided to allow the rest of the world enjoy his product.  Now that he is sure it works, sure he can truly help people, he is ready to share his talent and continue to develop more things like the Tenaci that will help people achieve the goals they set for themselves. 

For The Health Enthusiast:

Recently, Custom Design Crafts has been working on a whole new line of fitness based products. The first product is called the Tenaci, a revolutionary product that takes grip training to a whole new level. From there we have developed a number of different fitness products that increase the difficulty level of your workout routines. The FitnessEx product line has helped expand the limits of certain workout equipment that many people use on a regular basis such as a pull up bar to increase the effectiveness of the equipment.  Other fitness based products with sleek designs are currently under development based on the same principals.

Some of our products focus on using different types of grips to increase your grip strength while focusing on your normal routine.  This does a couple things: First of all having a stronger grip will help you be able to lift more weight without being held back by lack of lower arm/wrist/ finger strength;  And secondly it can help decrease any type of wrist pain that you may have from carpal tunnel syndrome by increasing the strength of the targeted muscle groups that ultimately are responsible for supporting the wrist/hand movements. By developing these muscles properly you will decrease the pressure on the tendons and nerves in the wrist and hand that causes CTS.

Some of our other products focus on simply making your routine more effective and/or convenient by using equipment that has a overall better functionality.  


For The Health Professional:

Custom Design Crafts is dedicated to providing an economical solution, to bring Ninja Style Obstacles to everyday people. Our products are easy to setup and will always be able to attach to any existing equipment. All of our products are made 100% in the USA, by service member Veterans. We also have access to a network of Functional Fitness Equipment, apparel, and full size Ninja Obstacle Courses!

If there is anything at all you need whether it be something as simple as a few extra weights and bars, or A fully functional Adult Size Obstacle Course, Custom Design Crafts can get you what you need to succeed in obtaining your dreams.

Custom is in our name and we will proudly work for you! 
— BT



Looking Ahead in 2018

CDC is proud to offer full service Ninja Gym Design and Construction! These Will be completely customizable Indoor Obstacle / Functional Fitness Area , that will be sold as a package tailored to your gym's needs. Monkey bars, Climbing ropes, Ninja Rings, and much more are available! With the ability to Double the whole assembly as an area to do your Functional Fitness workouts, the sky's the limit with Custom Design Crafts in 2018!

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